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Politics and ecommerce in emerging markets.

E-commerce is a booming business. It provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and is estimated to be worth $22.049 trillion in 2016. Whilst e-commerce is a big part of the consumer markets in developed countries, in emerging markets, it is still trying to gain a sizeable foothold. However, the largest emerging markets such as Brazil and India can develop huge markets for e-commerce due to their population size and growing consumer income.

You have to know how to adjust the selling price for ecommerce sites to outperform competitors ie keep a competitive pricing on the market.

E-commerce is becoming more popular and affordable in emerging markets.


This is because of a variety of reasons, such as increased consumer income and increased foreign investment. Internet access is also becoming more readily available. This makes access to e-commerce easier for the general population and opens a market for others to invest in. Companies such as Amazon are desperately trying to enter markets such as India, which has a population of over 1 billion and is the fastest growing large economy. Jeff Bezos has even said that he wants India to be Amazon’s second-biggest market after the US.

E-commerce seems to be thriving in India.


However, it may not the same for other emerging markets. Russia’s e-commerce has been stalled by the countries politics. Its annexation of the Crimea brought it many sanctions and this negatively affected the country’s e-commerce market. Russia is an example of when a countries’ politics is affecting its economy and in this case, it is negatively affecting its e-commerce. This scenario is the opposite of India, which is encouraging investment and its foreign relations are at an all-time high. Although, due to the election of Trump, relations between Russia and the US may become warmer and sanctions may be lifted in the future.

Smaller economies such as Nigeria and Turkey have seen a boost in e-commerce businesses, even if it is on a smaller scale. These countries the government has invested in infrastructure and as a result internet access has become more accessible. In developed countries, the governments often help tech companies and entrepreneurs. However, in emerging markets, with the exception of some, there is little help from the government. In order for e-commerce to grow in emerging markets, the governments should help tech companies by increasing access to the internet. Most developing markets have poor infrastructure and landlines, making the internet access difficult or when the access is available, it is slow.

Although one area where emerging markets seem to be doing well in e-commerce is mobile transactions. This is due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets. Ghana even announced plans to abolish import duty tax on smartphones in 2015. In emerging markets, it seems the mobile sector is growing rapidly due to the easy acquisition of smartphones. It seems that the governments are helping e-commerce businesses in this regard.

There is no doubt that e-commerce is growing in emerging markets. Whilst politics may hinder the growth of e-commerce businesses such as in Russia, in the majority of other countries, the governments are helping the growth of e-commerce businesses. Russia will likely also join this list of nations over time. The future looks bright for those in the e-commerce markets.

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The battle for India’s e-commerce market is about much more than retailing.

Politics and e-commerce in emerging markets: Three things to watch.



How I learned French in 6 months

Most of my friends are curious about this and they pose this question quite often. But my regular answer to them is that I made the right decision of devoting time for learning this highly popular and one of the most liked languages. But at the same time, it is ironical that the French people insist that their language is one of the most difficult to learn. But as far as I am concerned, it is all in the mind, though it is true that there are as many exceptions, if not more, as there are grammar rules in French.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Paris, it is advisable to learn French in Paris

I approached the process of learning French by splitting it into parts such as improving my vocabulary, learning the right pronunciation, comprehending the verb conguations, and understanding the use of right tenses. Of course, I had to deal with learning to speak French also.

It’s more easier to learn French by being assisted by a tutor and to follow courses adapted to your level as the most of case of a French courses in Paris.

For the vocabulary part and for learning the right pronunciation, I became a keen listener. Whenever my friends or colleagues uttered a new word, I made it a point to stop them in the middle of their conversation for telling me the meaning of the word. Most of the times, I made them pronounce the word two or three times repeatedly so I could learn to pronounce the word in the right manner. Of course, there were many instances during which these people forgot the topics about which they were talking, thanks to my interruptions and the distractions I caused.

Very importantly, I never failed to listen to French news on the television.

This could dramatically improve my vocabulary as well as my pronunciation skills. I could also learn how the news reporters were using the words and how they were explaining the contexts or the subject matters by using the right words.

Lastly, I made it a point to insist that my French friends and colleagues should speak to me only in French, though they knew English also. Initially, they refused lest should I not understand the instructions rightly. They were afraid that I would goof up the tasks given to me. But I persuaded them by telling them that I would not hesitate to seek clarifications if I had doubts. I also ensured to strictly abide by the instructions because I was afraid that if I committed mistakes in my tasks, they would switch to English.

So, I could achieve my aim of learning French more quickly than I expected. This is the explanation I give to those who ask me how I learned French in six months.

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Funny : the Donald Trump Nasty Woman Cocktail

The nasty woman label was adopted during the presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald trump in which Donald Trump called Clinton “such a nasty woman“. Though the hype in the elections is over, this line continues to be used as it evoked strong emotions across the political divide.

The response from Donald Trump came when Hilary was responding to questions directed to her about the Affordable Care Act. A lot of social media users took a backlash at Donald Trump for the comment and they completely embraced the “Nasty Woman“label.

Discover also my favorites cocktails and some tips to help you make a mojito cocktail



Below are some of the responses to Donald Trump “Nasty woman” comment:

· Isn’t it nasty when women know what they’re talking about?

· “Nobody has more respect for women than I do, nobody.”

30 minutes later, He leaned unto his microphone and under his breath to Hillary…

“such a nasty woman”

· Nasty women make history.

· Nasty women break glass ceilings.

· Nasty women know their place is in the Oval Office.

Do you have any idea who a nasty woman is? The comment took a new dimension and a cocktail was named after the comment by Donald Trump. This cocktail drink was created by Jenni Avins. Donald Trump was an inspiration for a lot of women after his such a Nasty Woman comment and today the Donald Trump cocktail drink is popular.

Nasty women drink cosmos. the Donald Trump Nasty Woman Cocktail has five ingredients which are:

· Freshly Ground pink peppercorn

· 1/2 of Lime juice

· 3/4 of Gin

· 3/4 of raspberry syrup

· 3/4 of white rum (or light Rum)



You start by mixing the gin, white rum, raspberry syrup and lime juice with ice into a cocktail mixer. you then shake the mixture and then separate the solid from the liquid through a strainer and pour into a martini glass. then put 2 to 3 cracks of freshly ground pink peppercorn.

Mixing Lime juice with tequila seems wrong but the Nasty Woman makes it right and its cool (that sounds awkwarddoesn’t it?).

This drink brings it home with a few final pieces of fresh pink peppercorn that lend the cocktail some potent,boss bitch spice. The end product of this cocktail is very powerful making it sweet and a little tart.

Try this cocktail today to enjoy the sweetness of this cocktail. The Donald Trump Nasty Woman Cocktail is cool for a drink.You can top off each glass with some wine. This cocktail gets a wedge of lime. You would be too nasty to fuss with a twist of this cocktail.

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Amnesty International just sent human rights observers to North Dakota to protect water protectors

Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) has sent a team of human rights observers to monitor law enforcement response to those protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The decision to send the team came in response to reports of militarized police deploying pepper spray, bean bags, and strip searches, as well as a case where improperly trained mercenaries allowed guard dogs to bite multiple protesters.

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