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Funny : the Donald Trump Nasty Woman Cocktail

The nasty woman label was adopted during the presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald trump in which Donald Trump called Clinton “such a nasty woman“. Though the hype in the elections is over, this line continues to be used as it evoked strong emotions across the political divide.

The response from Donald Trump came when Hilary was responding to questions directed to her about the Affordable Care Act. A lot of social media users took a backlash at Donald Trump for the comment and they completely embraced the “Nasty Woman“label.

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Below are some of the responses to Donald Trump “Nasty woman” comment:

· Isn’t it nasty when women know what they’re talking about?

· “Nobody has more respect for women than I do, nobody.”

30 minutes later, He leaned unto his microphone and under his breath to Hillary…

“such a nasty woman”

· Nasty women make history.

· Nasty women break glass ceilings.

· Nasty women know their place is in the Oval Office.

Do you have any idea who a nasty woman is? The comment took a new dimension and a cocktail was named after the comment by Donald Trump. This cocktail drink was created by Jenni Avins. Donald Trump was an inspiration for a lot of women after his such a Nasty Woman comment and today the Donald Trump cocktail drink is popular.

Nasty women drink cosmos. the Donald Trump Nasty Woman Cocktail has five ingredients which are:

· Freshly Ground pink peppercorn

· 1/2 of Lime juice

· 3/4 of Gin

· 3/4 of raspberry syrup

· 3/4 of white rum (or light Rum)



You start by mixing the gin, white rum, raspberry syrup and lime juice with ice into a cocktail mixer. you then shake the mixture and then separate the solid from the liquid through a strainer and pour into a martini glass. then put 2 to 3 cracks of freshly ground pink peppercorn.

Mixing Lime juice with tequila seems wrong but the Nasty Woman makes it right and its cool (that sounds awkwarddoesn’t it?).

This drink brings it home with a few final pieces of fresh pink peppercorn that lend the cocktail some potent,boss bitch spice. The end product of this cocktail is very powerful making it sweet and a little tart.

Try this cocktail today to enjoy the sweetness of this cocktail. The Donald Trump Nasty Woman Cocktail is cool for a drink.You can top off each glass with some wine. This cocktail gets a wedge of lime. You would be too nasty to fuss with a twist of this cocktail.

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