Australian electric bike with unlimited possibilities



The electric bike Stealth H-52 has become an absolute sensation in the electric bike industry. This two-wheeled vehicle for a fairly short period has already managed to prove itself as a universal super-passable SUV. The product of the Australian company, designed by John Karembelis, is a kind of symbiosis of a mountain and off-road bicycle, capable of both climbing without special fuss on mountain slopes, and with ease to make its way through impassable forest jungles.

Originally proposed by the developers, the name Bomber (or « bomber ») perfectly revealed the inner essence of this vehicle. Particularly, it is strong, independent, wayward. It needs any extreme bikers, who love the feeling of adrenaline in the blood. Although the use of the electric rear wheel drive motor in the Stealth H-52 model is aimed primarily at helping the rider during pedaling, the Stealth H-52 is much more powerful than most of the Pedelec electric bikes that we are familiar with. Bike Stealth H-52 is very mobile and hardy, because the experience of traveling on it even a non-professional cyclist will get a lot of fun.


The design of an electric bicycle is quite perfect. No noise during the operation of the electric motor (motor-wheel) and low operating costs for a sufficiently large run on one battery… All the aforementioned is the business cards of the Stealth H-52 bike.


The Australian company has released two versions of the e-bicycle Stealth H-52. Both of them are equipped with the same brushless DC motors, have the same hard carbon frame, battery pack and control system (controllers), duplicated hydraulic brakes Magura. The difference between two models of the H-52 does not lie in the technological filling, but in their external performance. So in one version of the bike the manufacturer completely removed the pedals, wishing to outwardly approximate its product to the motocross style rather than to the bicycles to which, in principle, this electric bike still applies. True, the lack of standard pedals does not mean that the chain, the 9-speed gearshift also disappeared as these elements remained unchanged in the electric bike.


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